Head versus Heart.

Finding lessons in life in the least expected places.

Let’s face it, love and relationships are among the hardest things we deal with.

Innamorata highlights valuable life lessons learned by a limited, unworldly, but determined young girl as we follow her journey to a more enriched life. We share her relationships and how they propelled her to keep going forward, as well as channeling their outcomes to a progressive road of personal and professional success.

Contessa’s work of fiction does not shy away from painful aspects of romance and offers hopeful, honest accounts of love.

"Nobody else is responsible for our life,
our happiness;

it’s completely up to us."

Who is Contessa?

Contessa, a retired business woman whose career experience has contributed to writing and publishing marketing, networking, self-improvement and inspirational articles, has completed her new book titled “Innamorata” which has been summed up in one word: POWERFUL!

Contessa tells her story with an equal amount of sass, brass, heartbreak and humor in a can’t put it down roller coaster ride of a influential read. Read more about
the journey of writing Innamorata

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ISBN-10: 164544094X
ISBN-13: 978-1645440949

ISBN-10: 1643509179
ISBN-13: 978-1643509174

Published by Page Publishing, distributed by Ingram.
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